Counter Sales


Whether you need advice as to which component is best suited to your application or if you simply wish to place an order for any number of our quality products, our experienced Counter Sales Consultants are on hand to assist you.


We also offer hydraulic hoses, steel pipes, brake pipes, lubrication pipes and many others, assembled and tested while you wait at our counter.


Regular training ensures that the knowledge of our staff is relevant and up to date with the latest technologies available from our diverse range of products.


We realise the importance of providing the right advice first time. If we are unable to assist immediately, our consultant will be sure to quickly follow up your enquiry if more intricate technical aspects require investigation.


  Our friendly Counter Sales Staff


Hydraulic Repair Centre


We have the capacity to repair a full spectrum of products throughout the hydraulic field including; variable and fixed displacement pumps, industrial valves, mobile valves, high/low speed torque motors, accumulators, winches, cranes etc.


All repairs are carried out by qualified and experienced artisans, and carry the same comprehensive warranty as our high quality manufactured products.


Accurate diagnosis of component failure and appropriate repair is only achieved through years of experience. Consequentially each repair follows our strict works procedures that are based on this hard-earned experience, ensuring that the component is returned to maximum efficiency.


Furthermore, our artisans benefit from training by the original equipment manufacturers, guaranteeing an absolute understanding and intimate knowledge of the product they are working with.


Every repaired product is assessed by our testing facility, affording you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your equipment has passed Arnschell Hydraulics strictest performance standards.


  A Technician in our repair centre


Hydraulic Test Centre


Arnschell Hydraulics expertise comes into play once again when our expert technicians confidently assess the state of your equipment in our test centre, which consists of:


  • A variable speed drive test bay, capable of testing vane, piston & gear motors
  • Complete CETOP valve testing facility
  • Pressure & Flow control testing
  • Proportional control testing
  • Manifold block and cartridge valve testing
  • Cylinder testing of a wide range of sizes and working pressures
  • Accumulator testing
  • Hydraulic winch testing


Test certificates are issued on request for component tested, affording you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your equipment has passed the strictest performance standards.


  Our Hydraulic Test Bench


Cylinder Repair and Testing


We are also engaged in the refurbishment of cylinders, which are subsequently tested by our test facility to ensure quality and reliability.


Arnschell Hydraulics design and supply special purpose cylinders to suit customer requirements, these include, but are not limited to the following:


  • High-pressure cylinders up to 70mPa
  • Multi stage telescopic cylinders
  • Agricultural type Cylinders
  • Heavy duty mill type cylinders
  • Low friction - high speed cylinders


Our advice is offered free of obligation, and like all areas of Arnschell Hydraulics, we pride ourselves on fast turnaround times.


  Our Cylinder Repair Facility


Project Engineering and Consulting


Our technical team, with many years experience, has assembled an impressive portfolio of success stories over the years, always using a solutions driven approach to accomplish the goal at hand.


The process begins with the scope of the project being accurately defined through extensive consultation with the client. Thereafter, an appropriate solution is devised by drawing on the collective expertise of our technical teams well as the original equipment manufacturers.


All our solutions are unique, and developed to exacting specifications, keeping the client informed of our progress, and providing added piece of mind.


Arnschell Hydraulics due to our vast experience and varied backgrounds, have the ability to integrate different technologies, from Hydraulics and Pneumatics, to Electronics and Lubrication to ensure the client receives exactly what we promise.


  A sample of our Circuit Design


Mobile Service Workshop


A hydraulic failure can quickly bring your business to a halt and cost you in downtime, but with Arnschell's mobile service workshop we will travel to you at a moments notice to get your system up and running again in the shortest time possible.


Our mobile service van is fitted with all the tools, spares and equipment to perform the following functions:


  • Troubleshooting
  • On-site repairs
  • Installations and Commissioning
  • System Flushing
  • Hydraulic Hose assembly
  • Steel Pipe assembly


Our mobile service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, give us a call today.


  Our Mobile Service Van